The iron will of an artist

José Julién’s musical career started in Germany, a starting platform that has led him to perform in most parts of the world. Multi-disciplinary artist, tireless fighter, José Julién has a great creative spirit. He is an entrepreneur and his vitality and passion are channelled into to a constant flow of artistic projects. He has recorded six singles and two albums.

It is impossible to separate his artistic temperament from his human side, which has been enriched by his participation in humanitarian projects. Following much intense international activity, José Julién has embarked on the most emotional, and possibly the most transcendental period of his life: the return to his country, his much loved land, Murcia rom his native town, Monteagudo, close to the shores of the Mediterranean.

Music studies in Cologne, Germany.

He became interested in languages in order to sing in German, Italian, English, and of course, in Spanish, his mother tongue. His very first performances were awarded with prizes and trophies, and these accolades have continued along his professional career. He has made frequent appearances on the first German television channel; WDR. ZDF , ARD,NDR, RTL. He has occasionally performed on Spanish television (TVE), Televisa de México, and on other channels in Austria and Switzerland.

José Julién adapted the Spanish version of “Amigos para siempre” for the Spanish opera singer José Carreras and Jennifer Rush . He has also composed other songs for Jennifer Rush like “Nunca digas nunca” and “Visión de ti”, which the singer has included in her albums. He has also performed with her on her European tours. He has also componed songs for the Cuban singer, Roberto Blanco, and for Margarita Cantero. He adapted the Rolling Stones classic  “Let’s spend the night together” for Heydi Núñez José Julién has carried out many tours in Northern Europe .

He participed in a European tour with the “Atlético Mineiro” football team from Belo Horizonte (Brasil). He forms part of the “Emilio Fernández show company and the Ballet Español Los Goyescos” in shows at the Teatro Cultural de la Villa and the Sala Florida Park, both in Madrid. He presented his show about Federico García Lorca with concerts in the Tanz Brunnen Internacional of Cologne, in the Colonia Schauspiel Haus, in the Gelsenkirchen Landes Theater, in the Senpftöpchen and in Germany’s Tele5 televison channel

A few years ago José Julién recorded the song “The man in white” (“Der mann in weiss”), dedicated to Pope John Paul II. His holiness wrote him a beautiful letter in thanks. José Julién has demonstrated many times his solidarity with the poor and needy. The children’s project “ Garden of Hope ” in Guatemala , work of the Murcian religious order “las Hermanas de Cristo Crucificado” is permamently in his thoughts and feelings. His most immediate Project is the recording of an album directed at the Spanish audience, reflecting his style and personality, as both composer and singer.

Titled “Mosaico/Mosaic”, this album is a collection of pieces that defines José Julién the artist. “Mosaico” is comprised of 15 songs, performed in Spanish by José Julién, with the exception of “ Vittoria !” sung in Italian. This particular song is dedicated to handicapped athletes and those who are going through difficult times, due to illness or other reasons. This message of this song is that the overcoming of difficulties is in our own hands. The cover is an oil painting, work of José Julién himself.

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