VICTORIA – The Spanish vocalist José Julien presents his hymn for the Paralympics in 2008

On September 6, 2008 athletes from all over the world will meet at the Paralympics, the Olympic Games for sportswomen and sportsmen with physical handicaps. In 1948 the first games of this special manner started in Stoke Mandeville (England) at the same time during the Olympic Games were held in London. Since 1988 the Summer-Paralympics have taken place regularly at the same location like the Olympic Games. Unfortunately, there were harsh setbacks over and over again for this minority of our society in organizing and realizing these competitions.
For example, in 1984, the commercial organisation team of the Summer Olympics of Los Angeles refused to held the „Paralympics“, because this circumstance did not harmonize with the professional image of the long-established Olympic Games. During the Summer-Games in 1996, a remarkable disgrace loomed for the USA: The organizers in Atlanta dismantled already most of the Olympic facilities and infrastructure, so that the Paralympics took place virtually in ruins.
In spite of all opponents and in accordance with the spirit of Pierre de Coubertin, the founder of the Olympic Games of the modern times, the Paralympics became a constant institution. The Spanish artist José Julien was inspired by this unique historical development for composing the hymn „Victoria “ together with Giovanni Inserra as a homage to the fighting strength of mind of handicapped sportswomen and sportsmen and as a call to integrate all people with handicaps as equivalent members of our society . Therefore, a part of the incomes which will be achieved by the publication on the radio and TV will be put through to social organizations of this kind.
This is not the only charitable project of the vocalist from Murcia. With substantial personal engagement he supports since many years a children' home in Guatemala with the promising name „Jardin de la Esperanza “, - garden of hope. Also in this case the artist hopes rightly that his song „Victoria“ will conquer the hearts of the people and cause a victory for tolerance and humanity.

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