Dear Friends,

for years I support a children's home in Guatemala named "Garden of Hope", which is for 25 years headed by my cousin Carmen Birruezo and sister Pilar Mora. They take care of the poorest of the poor.

These poor people survived severe natural disasters and are in serious need of everything. Photos can be found
here. My cousine Carmen Birruezo has asked me for help. They urgently need funds to help these poor people. These funds can only be raised through your financial assistance.

Dear friends, without your help, these people are not in a position to get a reasonably decent life. I can assure you that every penny of your money donated will be applied exclusively to help these poor people. That guarantees sister Carmen Birruezo, Sister Pilar Mora and myself.

We would be very pleased if you would support us in the form of a donation to a special account at the Banco de Santander with the keyword "

Keyword “
Banco de Santander
IBAN ES68 0049 4374 8320 9000 0287

Of course a donation receipt is available upon request.

Dear friends, thank you for your help...